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Did You Know?

I am a Pilates loving vegetarian artist, which makes me the butt of most of the office jokes. I spend most of my free time planning my holidays, thinking about my holidays or going on holidays.

Education and Expertise

I have a Masters degree in Organisational Psychology from Wits (Cum Laude) and I am a registered Organisational Psychologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. My key areas of expertise include talent management, development, job and culture profiling, work studies, assessment and development centres as well as creating customised situational judgement tests.

According to the Results from my Personality Assessment...

My Strengths

Examining Information | I may ask a lot of questions, but I will make sure that all challenges have a solution

Showing Composure | I work well under pressure, call me anytime and I will assist you with what you require

Taking Action | I always invest energy and take initiative with work ensuring that my clients are happy

My Development Areas

Developing Expertise | I prefer learning by doing, so I’m not the one to ask about journal articles

Establishing Rapport | I am likely to make a bad first impression, but give me time and I will grow on you

My Team Type