Practical Diagrammatic Reasoning

Practical Diagrammatic Reasoning – Supervised Online (SA) & Hard Copy Versions

This test assesses the ability to evaluate processes represented through diagrams. The assessment contains panels and illustrations that define logical processes followed by questions which need to be answered using the diagrams presented. Please note that Diagrammatic Reasoning is a less difficult alternative to the assessments involving Diagrammatic Analysis, which additionally feature the ‘Finding Faults’ and ‘Comparing Flowchart Sequences’ item types.


  • Understanding Logical Rules
  • Comprehending Process Diagrams
  • Identifying Causes

Time: 14 mins

No of questions: 28

small_pdf_iconDownload: Diagrammatic Reasoning Preparation guide


 Practical Spatial Reasoning Reportsmall_pdf_icon
 Practical Mechanical Reasoning Reportsmall_pdf_icon
 Practical Diagrammatic Reasoning Reportsmall_pdf_icon
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