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At the heart of Saville Consulting’s assessments is the Wave Performance Culture Framework. This is our extensively researched model of the key characteristics that underpin success at work. It incorporates the areas of Behaviour, Ability and Global Culture.

The Behavioural aspect refers to working styles and behavioural competencies. Our behavioural model starts with four overarching clusters, which filters down into 108 individual aspects of behaviour.

Ability assesses a person’s abilities to perform intellectual or cognitive tasks such as verbal comprehension, numerical reasoning and abilities in working with designs or systems.

The Global aspect refers to a person’s performance in work areas such as ‘Applying Expertise’, ‘Accomplishing Objectives’ and ‘Demonstrating Potential’. Again, using a hierarchical structure, the ‘Global’ element consists of three sections and nine dimensions.

Culture Framework Card Set

Approximately 1 - 2 Hours

Card Set

Targeted Use | Job Profiling, Culture Profiling, Competency Design & Leadership Framework

The card set summarises the Behaviours, Abilities and Global measures which our research has identified as key to driving performance and potential within the workplace.

Card sort sessions provide an engaging and interactive experience for line managers, HR teams and consultants to compare views across a range of applications.

The cards are packaged with data collator spreadsheets and a user guide. The guide introduces the Wave Performance Culture model and advises on how to facilitate effective one-on-one and group ‘card sort’ sessions.