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Our call centre solutions reduce the cost per hire, streamline your recruitment processes as well as help you select the right people in the right functions to deliver the best personalised service that drives customer delight and consistency.

Successfully identifying suitable call centre consultants, who are suited to a role and aligned to your organisational culture, results in employees who are more engaged and less likely to leave.

Our range of products and solutions identify the strongest candidates, their motivation and cultural fit to ensure that your recruits will be committed to your organisation.

Call Centre Assessments

Saville Consulting Customer Strengths is a 10-minute online questionnaire assessing candidates against the competencies critical to delivering excellent customer service. Including this assessment in your selection process will:

  • Improve engagement and retention levels using the complimentary environment and culture fit report
  • Maximise your applicant pool with merit listing outputs, streaming candidates to the most suitable roles from one test

Our Swift Comprehension Aptitude test measures Verbal, Numerical and Error Checking capability in one short online test ensuring that candidates possess the fundamental skills required to be successful in a contact centre role.

Additionally, a customised call centre SJT will simulate the call centre environment and provide an indication of how the candidate will respond on the job.

Our products are adaptable to your brand and have been designed for user and administrator-friendly reporting as well as ease of interpretation. Underpinned by extensive research, our relevant and valid assessments allow you to place the best candidates in the right roles.