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Understanding role requirements is a critical first step in the selection process – once you understand the role requirements, you can then determine the “fit” between applicants and the job.

With this intent, Saville Consulting utilises Job and Culture Profilers to understand the role requirements as well as assessments to identify candidates’ preferences and abilities. This information can then provide an indication of “fit” between the candidate and the profiled job.

Assessment Centres provide additional value to the selection process. As such, Saville Consulting has developed Assessment Centres that range from Graduate level to Managerial level. Our registered psychologists and psychometrists are trained to observe key behaviours and competencies within Assessment Centres.

Competency-based interviews remain a popular solution for recruitment and selection. Saville Consulting links Interview Guides to a candidate’s assessment results and provides questions and probing questions to guide the interview process. Our rating systems ensure that all the relevant information is attained during the interview, so that a holistic picture of the candidate is attained.

Candidates can also be rank ordered in terms of their “fit”, to aid in the shortlisting or selection decisions.