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Select from a number of our competency based training programmes, conducted by registered Organisational Psychologists.

Our range of competency based training programmes include:

  • Competency Based Interview Training
  • Leadership Pipeline Training

We can further design customised training to address any of your requirements, for groups larger than 6 people.

Interviews remain one of the most popular means through which to determine a candidate’s feasibility for a particular job. Enhance the validity of your interviewing process by making use of competency-based interviewing techniques. Our Competency Based Interview Training will enable you to derive maximum value from interviews. Interview Guides will be available for the purpose of the training.

Our Leadership Pipeline Training provides an overview of the various leadership styles, and how to maximise each style. Additionally, attendees will complete our assessment and receive a Leadership Report assisting them with understanding their leadership styles along with their strengths and areas for development. This training can provide powerful insight into leadership styles and the relevant behaviour.

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